Bill Landry Loonar Enduro 20 year celebration!

Please note the new date: Saturday, October 22nd

With the 20 year celebration of the Bill Landry Loonar Enduro, there’s going to be one heck of a party! 7Mesh is putting together an incredible day and kicking off a pretty neat contest as well…. read on!

Saturday October 22nd from 2pm until 8pm (and onwards) will go down as a legendary event and the last chance to come out for a SORCA group ride in 2016. We’ll be rolling out the red carpet and highly suggest you arrive in style. Come dressed like your favourite (or least favourite) celebrity (dead or alive) and let’s get this party started!!

Registration will start at 1:30pm along the Ring Creek FSR between the bottom of Half-Nelson and the top of Pseudo Tsuga. Riding starts at 2pm and runs until 8pm. Registration cost is $10 per rider.

We’ll ride down Pseudo Tsuga 1 and 2 just to the North-side Connector then turn left and head up the North-side Connector to the Legacy Climb just until the climb crosses Half Nelson where we’ll take a right and ride the last section of Half Nelson. At the bottom of Half Nelson we’ll head back up the Ring Creek FSR to do it all over again!

Riders will complete as many laps as they can, or as many as they feel like in, the six hour time period. Ride a lap, enjoy a cold one by the fire, ride another lap, enjoy another cold one, rinse, lather, repeat.

There will be all the usual categories: Solo Men’s, Solo Women’s, Solo Junior’s, Team’s of 2 Men, Team’s of 2 Women, Mixed Teams, Combined age of 95+.

We know fall riding can get a bit chilly but we’ll have a warm cozy fire burning and plenty of grub to warm the souls. Don’t forget your lights for when the sun goes down!

The Loonar will also be the kick off for the 2016 7mesh7hour challenge beginning on Oct.15thand running until Dec 27th.

What can you do in 4 hours of mountain biking? The 7mesh 7hour challenge gives you 4 hours of riding within a 7 hour period to compete for one of the 6 leaders jersey’s. Just like a stage race, current category leaders will receive arm sleeves they can place over their kit for during the competition to show they are the current category leader. Overall leaders at the end of the competition will receive a custom leaders jersey from 7mesh industries as well as other rad prizes from our sponsors. You create your race course, ride whenever and make as many attempts as you’d like, just send us in a GPS file and summary of the trails you did.

The Categories/Jersey’s include

The yellow Jersey: most km’s ridden in 4 hours

The Polka Dot Jersey: most elevation gain in 4 hours

The Stripes Jersey: get creative with your route as this is whoever can ride the most trails in 4 hours

The Red Jersey: most km’s ridden in 4 hours by a female rider

The White Jersey: most km’s ridden in 3 hours by a rider under 17

The Blue Jersey: most km’s ridden by a rider over 45

Get creative with designing your race course to best suit the category you’re looking to win as West Van., North Van., Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton are your playground for an epic ride. Some of the rules include 1) you have 7 hours to complete 4 hours of riding 2) you can’t receive any motorized help 3) your finishing elevation can’t be more than 300m lower than your starting elevation (on the same ride) 4) your ride must be in one of the above areas 5) 1/3 of the distance must be single track and not more than 15km’s can be on paved road 6) women, u17 and O45 riders can win the yellow, polka dot or stripes jersey as well.

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