XC Toonie # 8 – July 19, 2017

So you know what’s so darn cool about this town? The fact that when we (SORCA) needed a last minute sponsor for our upcoming toonie, a couple of amazing sponsors jumped up to the plate without a moment’s hesitation and decided to put together an incredible toonie and after party on short notice!

Sp’akw’us, Nesters Market, Polygon Homes and Norman Rudy’s rallied together to bring you a Wednesday evening you don’t want to miss. Thank you to these incredible sponsors for bringing this biking community together! Sp’akw’us knows all about stepping in to keep the good times rolling. When our beloved Test of Metal retired in 2016, Sp’akw’us quickly rolled out a fresh new community race and the inaugural year went off with a bang! Nesters Market is not only Where the Local’s Shop, but it’s also one of SORCA”s biggest supporters, never letting us go hungry! Polygon Homes is graciously offering us access to finish the toonie on their land and have also recently donated funds to our trail network! And Norman Rudy’s knows how to treat the biking crowd, with one of the best patios in town, (and yummy avocado fries), this is where you should end all of your bike rides! Thanks to these great sponsors, Squamish rocks! (In case you don’t know that already)

Riders will start on Dowad Dr and head up Jack’s trail, onto 50 Shades of Green, left on Mike’s Loop and around the east side of Edith Lake (not shown on map). Then up the Alice Lake Access road to Mashiter, up to Manboob’s, down Bob Mac and onto Creditline and The Covenant, finishing close to the after party.

If you’d like to help marshal please send an email to [email protected]

Check out the course here


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