The SORCA Trail Pass

Why A Trail Pass?

It’s an attempt to generate some funding to have seed money to secure matching funding through various grant programs, so we can hire local trail builders to maintain and build trails.

The SORCA Trail Pass is $20. ALL the funds will go into trail work, there is no administrative overhead.

We all want the same thing—great trails in great shape to enjoy. Problem is, they don’t just appear from no-where, even though it may seem that way sometimes. Volunteers alone can’t keep up with the maintenance. It’s just too much work with the vast amount of trails in town and the ever increasing amount of users. We need a grass-roots user pay funding vehicle to efficiently deliver money where it’s needed: on the ground.

What Does it Cost?  Where Do I Get One?

$20 dollars. It’s included in the SORCA membership.

Non-members can pick up the SORCA Trail Pass at any local bike shop & Nesters Market

Or, purchase your pass online by clicking below:

Select Your Desired Number of Trail Passes

Since not everyone is or wants to be a SORCA member, non-members can pick up a trail pass at a local bike shop, we encourage any user to support local trails; it will go a long way to promoting a diverse, well-maintained, and sustainable local trail network.

If you’re not a SORCA member you might want to join, we don’t just put on races, there are all kinds of fun social events as well, and your membership supports the club in advocating for, and maintaining trails in Squamish.

What do I get?

  • A SORCA Trail Pass sticker that you can display as a proof of payment, and use to guilt other trail users into buying one!
  • Amazing local trails, new, and well maintained!
  • Trail advocacy and planning, SORCA has been working hard with land managers, owners and other user groups to ensure sustainability and preservation of existing trails and future trail options.

What Trails and Projects did the Trail Pass fund?

A few of the projects the Trail Pass money contributed to:

  • General trail maintenance
  • Pseudotsuga rebuild
  • The Legacy Climb
  • Edith Lake Bypass trail from Jack’s Trail to Mike’s Loop
  • Galactic S. Trail Project
  • Approved Trail Builder Support
  • Entrails Trail Improvements
  • S&M/Endo Connector Improvements
  • Recycle trail improvements

A Brief History on SORCA and Trail Funding

Most of the trails we love to ride, run, walk, and explore in Squamish were built and maintained over the years by a group of folks passionate about trail-based recreation, trail building, and maintenance. SORCA has figured prominently in this, by organizing and hosting trail days over the clubs 20 year existence. In the last four years, club trail volunteer trail days have exceeded 200 man hours per year. This does not include the hundreds of hours spent by private individuals.

2007 marked one of the first years SORCA had a small budget to fund trail construction;  the Fartherside trail in the Crumpit woods was built with a combination of volunteer labour and a paid contract. 2008 and 2009 were similar, with work done in several areas. Funding for these projects came from several local developers and SORCA fundraising initiatives.

2010 was a breakout year, with close to $63 000 in funding from the National Trails Coalition (part of the federal economic stimulus package). SORCA administered this funding, and it was used to hire several contractors to do maintenance and construction of local trails. The Half Nelson trail was built with separate funding coming from the Provincial Government, which was not administered by SORCA.

2011 brings new funding challenges, and challenges for government and private sector funding or donations. Also, local trails are feeling the pressure of more and more out of town visitors—which is great, since this contributes to the local economy and makes Squamish the vibrant and exciting place it is. However, beers sold at the pub and tubes at the bike shops doesn’t put dollars into the local trails, hence the concept of a voluntary trail pass, to generate some funding for the trails.

We’re really hoping that folks buy into this. $20 is a small price to pay for the vast trail network and the maintenance that it requires. Please try and do your part!

Non-members can pick up the SORCA Trail Pass at any local bike shop for $20.

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