Fall Trails Update

What a Fall

It was really great to see #Augtober emerge as a competitor to #Alltimefalltime as the en vouge hashtag of the season. Just think, this is only ONE of the many great things happening on the trails in the past few months.

We’ve got a few bigger projects on some of our major artery trails that we’d like to update you on. We have Dream Wizards doing some great work on Lower Diamond Head – taking the bite out of the first potion of the Legacy Climb with some new switchbacks and subtle grade reductions. We’ve also got them working on a full rebuild of the middle section of Pseudotsuga  3. Thanks to Dream Wizards for contributing all the culverts to this project. We’re really happy with the results thus far and its going to be a great improvement to one of the most heavily ridden trails in town.

Pseudo 3

The folks at Joyride Bike Parks did wonderful job scrounging up some dirt for the first portion of Meadow of the Grizz. Barring a big snowfall They will be back in the next few weeks for some more work and to help build in an entrance to the ride around that we had our Squamish First Nation Crew Members and Students chipping away at during the power tool shut down this summer. Joyride are matching our contributions to the trail this year, we are incredibly grateful to have them on as a partner.

Our Trail Crew has been busy as well. When the fall rains returned so did drainage and dirt work. Crouching, Rupert, AM, Credit Line, Roller Coaster, Ditch Pig, 50 Shades, Another Man’s Gold, and Hoods all got touch ups and a few bridges on Wonderland were replaced. Thanks gentlemen for your efforts out there, now go and add some waterproofing to your jackets.

Don’t worry we moved the shovel

To some this might just look like rocks in a hole. That’s because they are just rocks in a hole

Member Volunteer Efforts

As per usual our trails are packed with vollies making this place great. Remember – If you are a volly out there incurring expenses working on the trails get in touch and we can help cover them. First a shout out to Mike Reed who has been a  shaping machine on the new work on Pseudo 3. Mike has been a huge help on so many projects on over the years from clearing trees in the spring to a huge effort on LOA.

Ron Goldstone, Dream Wizards and a cast of rakers and shapers have been doing some incredible work over at the Dirt Jumps. Its a special occasion as 2019 marks 20 years of Dream Wizards making contributions to our trails. We are pumped on this addition to Squamish when its done. We were happy to work with our trail partners at the STS to secure a grant from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation to pave the pump track.

We’re up to 12 Trail Days so far this year adding more than 500 hours of work to the network. Thanks to everyone who has come out to make these a great success this year. Big thanks also to Ren Bousquet, Dustin Perry, Owen Foster and Gary Mcfarlane for helping out in running the past few.

Humans have been hitting rocks with other rocks for thousands of years but it was only really perfected for this photo.

Why aren’t these children supervised? Why were they so poorly behaved?

Gary explaining to the crew that a Teter Totter is the best and only option for the exit to AM. Trying to be inclusive here, we even let the small tree into the circle. Brian Goldstone 7mesh Photo

James Ivory and a group of vollies have been digging away on Pamplamouse – its grapefruit in french get it?! This is going to be a great descent back to Alice Lake. It’s a passion project so it’ll take time so look for it sometime spring 2020. Dave and Griffin Reid rebuilt some blown out corners on Boney Elbows, and finally  Fred Roy and co have been revamping Yer Sister – yes to tech! Thanks folks.

The Pamplachute! (Word will be added to Webster’s Dictionary in 2021)

How can you help? This time of year, If you are out riding and see a clogged drain or culvert while you are out on your ride that is inhibiting water from flowing off the trail try to clear it with your foot, hand, helmet or expensive bike lights.

Looking forward to seeing anyone who helped out at the volly party Nov 23rd.

Apologies if I’ve missed you – feel free to come egg my house! Have fun out there.

Jeff Norman

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