SORCA Social August 22nd 2018 – A-Frame Brewing, Republic Bicycles and Luz Tacos

SORCA SOCIAL RIDE: August 22nd 2018

The Republic Bicycles crew are top notch when it comes to servicing your bike or finding the best new bike for you. They are knowledgeable, friendly and sell some of the best bikes in town. Head on in and start drooling over your next whip as the 2019’s start rolling in. The Republic Bicycles of Brackendale was founded in 2007. It all started in the back of a small barn in the neighbourhood and, with the support of the community, it became the amenity it is today: located at Squamish’s trailhead, beside a coffee shop, a restaurant, and equipped with a bike washing station.

A-Frame Brewing has been a big supporter of SORCA ever since they opened their doors in Squamish. Their beer philosophy is this; make clean, sessionable beers, with the purest ingredients they can source. That way, whether you’re enjoying a flight in house, or picking up a growler for a family BBQ, you can enjoy every bit of it; from the aroma and flavor, to the integrity of the ingredients and the sustainability of our growers.

Luz Taco’s is a mobile gourmet food trailer that brings retro glamour and mouth-watering eats to your wedding, dinner party, family celebration or corporate event. Luz means ‘light’ and that’s exactly what we are. We brighten your day with fresh, fun and delicious fare made on site just for you. Whether it’s today’s social, or the meal to celebrate the biggest day of your life, Luz Tacos will light it up. Come see us at our weekly local Squamish lunch spots or contact us about custom catering for your special event.

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Carrying on the tradition from their last SORCA Social Republic Bicycles and A-Frame Brewing will be doing something a little extra to help raise money for SORCA. Each person in attendance will receive their usual tasty food and frothy beverage, but additional beverages will be BY DONATION TO SORCA. This is a pay-what-you-can model – so bring a roll full of loonies, twoonies, or a money clip full of cincos so we can set a SORCA Social record for money raised in a single night!

SORCA members, please bring your $5 to the afterparty. If you have friends in town that aren’t a SORCA member, it’s $20 for a one day membership inclusive of the apres.
Ride within your limits. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Ride leaders are not here to coach you. Get home safely – no drinking & driving.

The Rides

We have two meetings place for this weeks rides!

Thrill and Chill rides
Meeting at Republic Bicycles at 6:00 and leaving at 6:15 and we’ll start leaving in waves at 6:15.

Intermediate rides
Meeting at Half Nelson parking lot at 6:00 and leaving at 6:15.

Thrill Ride – Pleasure

Meeting at Republic Bicycles
Dowd Drive climb, Jacks, Debecks Climb, Pleasure Trail

Thrill Ride – Grinch

Meeting at Republic Bicycles
Dowd Drive climb, Jacks, 50 Shades, Grinch Toes, Icey Hole of Death

Chill Ride – Green Brackendale Classic

Meeting at Republic Bicycles

Sweet Judy, Rusty Bucket, Reefer Rip, Larry’s Loop, White Rabbit, Wonderland

Super Chill Ride – New rider & family friendly!

Meeting at Republic Bicycles

Ray Peters, Wonderland

Intermediate Ride – Straight to the Afterparty

Meeting at Half Nelson Lot

You’ll probably have to ride up to the start, because the finish isn’t anywhere near the start.
Another Man’s Gold, Powerhoods, Somewhere Over There, Farside, S&M, Endo

Intermediate Ride – Blue Diamond Head Classic

Meeting at Half Nelson Lot

FSR, Fred, Tinder, Your Mom

☀ See you out there, and remember to bring your $5 (Cinco) to the afterparty!

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