SORCA Social September 6th 2017 – Gary McFarlane from Sandbox Project, Nesters Market, Corsa Cycles and Bethel Lands

Membership Reminder

All attendees MUST bring their $2 SORCA donation & must be a SORCA member. We will be checking. You will be able to purchase your membership at the event, but why not buy your membership online now? Avoid the line-up & bask in the trail karma this weekend.

If you are a local, are not a member, and have never attended a social before, email [email protected] up to one day before the ride and you can try out the social for $5

If you don’t live in Squamish, aren’t a member, but still want to attend, it’s $20 at the door.


Our Anti-Social Sponsors

The Ride

Welcome to the last social ride of the year, the Anti-Social Social. A group of old-school riders will be taking you on a tour of trails in the ValleyCliffe area that few of you will have ridden. Except for the Chill Ride because those guys don’t give a damn, they just come for food, beer and to ogle spandex. So make sure you wear spandex. The rides will be guided by 6 veteran trail builders; Old One-Eye, 3 Finger Phil, Socially Awkward Dave, Goldilocks, Cradle Robber and Old Man Harvey.

As a special bonus, Socially Awkward Dave’s ride will be by application only. 6 ‘lucky’ riders will get taken on a Dave Reid ride. If you don’t know what that is, you might not want to know. If you do, be prepared to start earlier than the other rides before you grind, sweat and then marvel at some Squamish amazing. You have to be strong going up and solid coming down. As a bonus, Anti-social Dave might not talk to you or wait for you.

Thrill Rides: – Labour of Love to Smoke Bluff parking
– Tree Hugger to Silver Spoon
Intermediate: – BVOD Lite
– Spencers, Pipe Trail to Smoke Bluff parking
Chill: -Farside, S&M, Graduate, 7 Stitches

All rides will begin from Valleycliffe Elementary School on Westway Ave. at 6pm. Maybe we’ll see you there, maybe we won’t.


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