Trail Maintenance Update: June 2018

June has been a good one for trail maintenance in Squamish. With rain and sun in turn we’ve been able to check a lot of different boxes from our todo list!

Dirt Work

After a long dry spell the rains of June gave us a welcome chance to get our shovels back in the dirt. Over the last month Hoods got some dirt pulled up over it’s rough spots, Rupert got stroked with shovels full of dirt, Somewhere over There got some of the bigger holes filled and drainage cleared (don’t worry, it’s still janky over there!), Man Boobs got it’s more worrying lumps removed or hidden under a fresh gold top coat, and we continued work to tame The Griz, building a sweet singletrack reroute for the steeper, nastier sections of the trail.
Tyler inspecting the fresh corduroy on Hoods.

Tyler inspecting the fresh corduroy on Hoods.

Fresh berms on Man Boobs.

Fresh berms on Man Boobs.

Gold dirt dug from Somewhere Over There.

Gold! Some beautiful dirt to be found with a little digging on Somewhere Over There #documentyourdirt

Fresh dirt work on Rupert.

The tight inside (and less scary) line on this section of Rupert just became a lot smoother.


Once things started drying out, and dirt became dust, we got high into the hills to beat the heat and spent some time hanging by the river and replacing a dangerous bridge at the top of Galactic. This one had previously spanned a small canyon at a good height. As good cedar is pretty scarce up here it ended up being more practical to build a section of new trail down to the river, and back up the other side, allowing us to shorten the bridge to work with the wood we could find. As an advantage it’s now much easier to get down to the river and dunk your head in to cool off! We also hiked the full trail (twice!) that week to trim back brush and remove over 20 trees that had fallen. Galactic is now far more rideable than it was previously, but it is still very much an adventure trail – please don’t ride it expecting to be able to shred, but rather expect obstructions and awkward spots. But also expect fantastic views, beautiful rivers, and the longest continuous trail in town!
The broken bridge on Galactic.

Hmm, this doesn’t look quite right…

Close up of the broken bridge on Galactic.

And there’s the problem. Don’t think that’ll polish out!

The new crossing, with fresh trail in and out.

The new crossing, with fresh trail in and out.

Minor Repairs and Brush Cutting

Some minor woodwork repairs also happened to the fences at the Brennan Park skills park, and the final bridge on 31 Seconds.
Replacement slats on 31 Seconds.

They may not match, but at least they’re solid!

Lastly the least glamorous, yet arguably most important, trail work of the summer: brush cutting. Over June we’ve been focusing on clearing back the major artery trails in several zones, with Alice Lake and Valleycliffe getting the most attention. In Alice Lake all of Jacks, 50 Shades, Tracks from Hell, and sections of Mashiter got a hair cut. While in Valleycliffe the Cherry Drive boardwalk, Graduate, 3 Virgins, Seven Stitches, Endo, and 31 Seconds all got the military style buzz! Thanks to some help from BC Wildfire some of the cutblock sections of the Legacy Climb also got cleared.
An overgrown Tracks from Hell.

Tracks from Hell before… not much visibility.

A freshly brush cut Track from Hell.

Tracks from Hell after… a much more pleasant experience!

Special Thanks

A special shout out this update to super volunteers Tyler and Linda, who between them put in 3 full days of trail work and really helped us out in getting things running nice. If you see them running or riding the trails be sure to give them a high five and / or a cold one!

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