SORCA wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for are awesome volunteers! If you would like to help for an upcoming event, please drop us a line.

Volunteer for an upcoming event!

The volunteer list for 2012:

Aimee Newton
Adrian Armstrong

Adrian La Salle-Lowe

Alison Wald
Andrew Clegg
Andrew McMillan
Andy Wilson
Andreas (Andi) Portenschlager
Andrew McMillan
Andy Wilson
Annie (let the dogs out)
Aoibhe Glynn
Armand Hurford
Arnault Vernhet
Bal Risma
Barb Brigidear
Barry Wood
Belinda Hare
Billy Adams
Brian Goldstone
Brian Jones
Brian Raiser
Brynne Mitchell
Cara Illerbrun
Caroline Walters
Caroline Solonenko
Catherine Gendron
Celina Moore
Chris Pettingill
Cheryle Bass
Colby Bogan
Cory Leclair
Dale Addis
Dan Tigcherlaar
Danny Frey
Darryl McNair
Dave Safarik
David Read
Elana Barlas
Eric Goodwin
Erik Carlsberg
Espea Bruun
Evan Powers
Gary McFarland
Gerry Woods
Greg Miller
Greg Grant
Griffin Reid
Gus Corey
Holly Schulte
Hannah Evans
Heidi Vanlith
Holden Jones
Holly Scholte
Jackie Neufeld
Jamie Grant
Jan Ulrich
Jane Gillie
Jane Perepalkin
Jeff Jackson
Jesse Roy
Jeff Desroches
Julie Mountifield
Julie Phoenix
Jordan Tesluk
Johannes Hiltrop
Julie Mickelson
Karen McMillan
Kate Inman
Kelly Evans
Kelsey Wright
Kim Taylor
Lee Jackson
Lisa Lefroy
Lloyd Adams
Louis-Philip Leonard
Loren Parfitt
Malcom Deasley
Mark Haimes
Mason Moberg
Matt Parker
Maureen Nyce
Melanie Armstrong
Melanie Paquette
Melissa Sheridan
Nathan Illerbrun
Nicole Murray
Malcolm Deasley
Manuane Deschenes
Marc Toijnan
Mark Walter
Mary-Ann Taylor
Mike Truelove
Mateo Abel
Mike Genovese
Mike McCarney
Mike Reed
Nicole Wood
Nicole Murray
Neil Boundary
Neil Plumb
Novatron Illerbrun
Oliver Walks
Olivier Gendron
Owen Foster
Patrick Skinner
Paul Chapman
Peter Amory
Petra Hauke
Rachel Raiser
Randy Savoie
Rebecca Parfitt
Rhys Verner
Rick Lee
Richard Dietel
Rob Lee
Rob Phoenix
Robyn Luscombe
Roland Benesocky
Ross Dolan
Ryan Glinz
Sara Kuiten
Sean Bickerton
Sean Daly
Shaun Leahy
Sheila Sovereign
Shelley Genovese
Stefan Moser
Stephen Sutherland
Steve Li
Suzanne Jolley
Ted Tempany
Tim Tallevi
Tonya Motyka
Todd Monge
Troy Bogan
Troy Lee
Yieli Ho
Yves St Hilaire
Zoe Dawson
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